Do you have a question for us? Feel free to contact the NSA officers at the following email address: sfsu.seq.nsa@gmail.com


NSA members from left to right: Alex Morales-Loaisiga (Public Relations Co-Director), Jennifer Price (Community Service Co-Director), Jennifer Fernandez (Public Relations Co-Director), Lauren Nunez (Pinning Co-Director), Jody Lewin (Pinning Co-Director), Kym Colyer (Community Service Co-Director), Tara Flesner (President), Cecilia Kinder (Fundraising Co-Director), Angeline Juan (Fundraising Co-Director), Lauren Martinelli (Treasurer)


























About NSA

The student body of the School of Nursing at San Francisco State University recognizes the importance of having a student organization to represent Nursing students on campus, to be named Nursing Students Association at San Francisco State University, hereinafter referred to as NSA at SFSU/Sequoia.  This organization exists to promote a positive image of the School of Nursing and to encourage students to participate in school related activities sponsored by our Association, and to encourage them in their choosing the profession of Nursing. NSA at SFSU/Sequoia will serve as a constituent chapter of the California Nursing Students’ Association and the National Student Nurses’ Association, hereinafter referred to as CNSA and NSNA, respectively.


The NSA will be the voice for the student body. Every officer accepts the position freely and embrace the opportunity to be part of the NSA. As an officer of the NSA we/you have also accepted the responsibilities that are a part of being an officer. As an individual of the NSA each one of us has an opportunity to leave an imprint on society, whether it is through a toy drive, a published article, or creating a resolution. We are in a position to make changes.

Cohort 10 NSA Elect


From Left: Webmaster: Shea Browne, President: Deanna Albiani, PR: Michelle Ancelj, Historian: Sudha Saravanan, Secretary: Gina Tomarchio, Vice President: Becca Sackman, and Treasurer: Megan Kovalich