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Undergraduate Advising
Pediatric Metrology
Resume Writing Tips
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Top 100 Hospitals
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Heart Sounds
Sequoia Hospital Powerchart Tutorial
The NCLEX process
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Undergraduate Advising:
Be sure to review your graduation requirements before Semester 5:

SFSU Counseling Center information:
Phone: 415-338-2103
Admin Building 211
Be sure to print out your DARS report and bring with you to your appointment

Pediatrics Metrology:
Click here to to watch the SFSU Pediatric Metrology videos

Resume writing tips:
Donna Cardillo has a lot of resume writing tips. A step by step guide on constructing your resume.

Looking for a job?:
Here is a complete list of all of the hospitals in California.Visit the hospital’s website and click on “careers/jobs” to find job postings.

New Graduate Programs:
Do you know where you can apply for nurse residency/ new nurse graduate program? If not, here is a list. Follow the links on the document to learn more about each residency program.
Here is another list of New Nurse Programs that is offered in the United States.

Top 100 Hospitals: 
Why not work for one of the top 100 hospitals in the country?
100 Top Hospitals National 2012

Do you have a Twitter account? Follow @AplusNCLEX and get daily tweets on NCLEX study guide tips and materials.

Free Online Courses: 
Do you want to expand your horizon and learn from the top universities in this country? How about free online courses offered by Princeton, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania. Courses include computer science, mathematics, and human biology/medicine.

Heart Sounds:                                                                                                 
Do you want more practice listening to heart sounds?
Check out these sites.
U of Michigan
U of Washington
Ascultation assistant

Tutorial on using Sequoia Hospital’s Powerchart system:

The NCLEX process:
What you need to know before taking the exam, the day of the exam, and after taking the exam. It’s all here and here.

Kaplan Technical support for Online Resources:
Call or email Kaplan if you have any problems with your login, password, or using Kaplan’s website and resources.
(877) 572-8457
For any NCLEX or testing related questions, email

Need assistance with APA style?:
Here is a tutorial.
A general guideline from Purdue Owl.

SFSU email Cloud Space:
Did you know with an sfsu email, you automatically have 25GB of cloud space? SFSU email is powered by Microsoft. Microsoft offers their version of cloud storage called Skydrive. Just log onto your sfsu account as usual, then go to That’s it. Drag and drop your files for cloud storage and access. You can also create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with skydrive.

Google Doc’s Sign-up Links:
Hep B Free events–

SAL Healthy Kid’s Day-